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You can celebrate your wedding, birthday or any other occasion throughout the year. Or just spend a nice evening with friends and family. As culinary accompaniment we offer you two menus to choose from, which we will be happy to round off with our selected wines and homemade drinks.

The Genuss hoch 12 will be open exclusively for your group of 25 people or more. We look forward to spending an unforgettable time with you!

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Menu 1


Antipasti with Prosciutto Leash, Beef Tartar, Spreads, Truffle Camembert and Bread

Parmesan Soup with Rocket Salad

Beiried Slice roasted pink with Herb Potatoes and grilled Vegetables in Thyme Juice

Homemade Tiramisu

55 ÔéČ

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Menu 2

Prosciutto Leash

Truffle Pasta from Parmesan Loaf

Homemade Tiramisu

35 ÔéČ

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